About me

Since I can remember, I love to draw. I drew my first recognizable “character” when I was three years old, sitting on my dads back in a kid carrier.

From the small village in the east of the Netherlands I made that drawing, I moved to the big city, with Arnhem as a nice stopover for a few years. I now live and work in Amsterdam for already 5 years.

In 2017 Esther (Vonik) and I started Wallnuts, a mural collective, which I’m really proud of. On my website you’ll find various projects we did together.

My website mainly focusses on my freelance work. I really enjoy being a freelancer. I dream of travelling the world while making murals on the most awesome locations… But I also love applied design: thinking about solutions through design and Design Thinking. In my freelance time I focus on the first, and with working at both in60seconds and especially Getting the picture, I try to focus on the second. This month I will also join the Design Thinkers Bootcamp from the Design Thinkers Academy.

This combination works best for me right now. Though, it also means I have to seperate my time, and I can not take every freelance project. But I love new opportunities, so don’t let this hold you back from contacting me!

About my work


Lettering plays an important role in illustrations. I can work in many different styles.

Limited colors

I always work with a limited palette. I like to work with paint markers and bold colors. Also screenprinting forces you to use as few colors as possible.

Character Driven

I love to draw characters and you’ll find them in many of my projects. From time to time, I also like to do little portraits.


Although I hate the word, my work often consists of many little illustrations, combined into one larger piece.

Featured on/in

2017Friday Illustrated

2016 – Het Parool PS (february 24), New Amsterdam (#09) cover, SAM Streetart and more (#09), Uitkrant (year 50, #07), Esquire blog, Moderne Hippies.

2015IdN Magazine (vol. 22, no. 2), Greenlabel Gallery

2014 – Volkskrant Magazine (February 8)


Selection of clients I've worked for over the past few years.

Atlassian, Anomaly, Clockwork, Nationale Nederlanden (commissioned by Studio Fabrick), Typeform, Yieldr.

Via in60seconds/Getting the picture: Rijksoverheid (Dutch Government, various ministries), Provincie Overijssel, Van Gogh Museum, KWF, Nu.nl, Technische Unie.