Lienke Raben (1990), she/her 🏳️‍🌈, based in Amsterdam NL. Illustrations, lettering, murals and design. Half of Wallnuts Murals and Creative director at Clarify.
Since I can remember, I love to draw. I drew my first recognizable “character” when I was three years old, sitting on my dads back in a kid carrier.
From the small village in the east of the Netherlands I made that drawing, I moved to the big city, with Arnhem as a nice stopover for a few years. I live and work in Amsterdam more than 10 years now.
My work is often colorful and bright, and I get inspiration from color palettes, patterns, (geometrical) shapes, also in interior design, clothing, architecture and nature.
In 2017 Esther (Vonik) and I started Wallnuts, a mural collective. On my website you’ll find various projects we did together. 
My website mainly focusses on my freelance work. I'm a part-time freelancer and Wednesdays are usually my freelance days. The other days of the workweek, I'm Creative director at Clarify, an information design agency. This combination works good for me right now. Though, it also means I have to seperate my time, and I can not take every freelance project. But I love new opportunities, so don’t let this hold you back from contacting me!
Features and exhibitions:
2024 - Spring group exhibition 'Refresh' at AVB Gallery Atlanta
2020 - Group Exhibition 'The Intersection' Wieden+Kennedy
2018 - Panimation Instagram take-over (nov 19 - 25)
2018 – Playful Data, Book publication (Map of Amsterdam)
2016 – Features of my Amsterdam map in Het Parool PS (february 24), New Amsterdam (#09) cover, SAM Streetart and more (#09), Uitkrant (year 50, #07), Esquire blog, Moderne Hippies.
2015 – IdN Magazine (vol. 22, no. 2)
2014 – Volkskrant Magazine (February 8)
Adidas (via Tangent Agency), PepeJeans, WE Fashion, Timberland (via Sugar for my Soul), Stack Magazines, Der Spiegel (Wissen magazine), Canevas Fatal, Viltstore, FemmeGym Amsterdam, Atlassian, Intersport.
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