I love illustrated maps, and after receiving the book ‘A Map of the World’ for my birthday, I decided I wanted to make a map of Amsterdam. Not long after that, I received an email from I Know This Great Little Place in Amsterdam, asking me if I could design a map, showing all the great places they’ve listed the last few years. At in60seconds, we had 180s projects where you could use 10% of your time on a personal projects… Put these three things together and the project was born. I received a list with names, but also my colleagues from Amsterdam helped me filling the gaps. The result: a map showing all the nice places in Amsterdam. At this moment, some of them don’t even exist anymore, but as Het Parool wrote: that maybe makes the map even better. It displays the places you visited in 2016, nice to look back at in 2026 right?
The map is available as riso printed poster and handy foldable mini map. You can buy them both at The Maker Store. We also sold a limited edtion screen print (100 pc), that was sold out after 3 months.
Client: Personal project in collaboration with in60seconds
Year: 2016
Available at: Maker Store Amsterdam

The map in the media: Het Parool full page, New Amsterdam magazine cover and De Uitkrant.

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