In60seconds and sister company Getting the picture, now Clarify, recently moved to their new office in the Houthavens in Amsterdam and asked us (Wallnuts Murals) to design two murals. 
With neon yellow as the main interior color, it was a nice challenge to design calm murals for their meeting rooms. The office has many plants so we chose a calming plant theme for the design. We decided to make an organic mural and transform that one to a more geometrical version for the other wall. 
On both walls there's a tv screen that covers a part of the mural, so we used this as an opportunity to add an extra dimension to our mural. "Through" the tv screen, you can see the rest of the mural, but with an animated element: a happy little bug that walks on the flower. The bug is animated by Gert Buist (animator at in60seconds).
The great interior design is done by FELD Architects (click to also see some more images of the office).
Client: in60seconds
Year: 2019
Made with Wallnuts murals
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